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Time Out says

Rick Rosenthal is one of those American directors who’s always been around without ever quite breaking through. His most high-profile projects in a four-decade career are probably 1981’s ‘Halloween 2’ and Cold War drama ‘Russkies’ in 1987, since when he’s been a jobbing journeyman in both film and TV. So it’s quite a surprise to see his name on the credits of a serious festival movie – has Rosenthal finally had enough of paying the bills and decided to make one last bid for greatness? ‘Drones’ is low in budget but apparently high in ambition, digging into the methods and madness behind modern American warfare with a tale of unmanned drone pilots in a Nevada bunker.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Rick Rosenthal
Matt Witten
Matt O'Leary
Eloise Mumford
Whip Hubley
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