Drop Dead Gorgeous


Time Out says

This sicko spin on Michael Ritchie's Smile is tailor made for modern audiences who feel free to laugh at violent death, mutilation, fat people and the mentally retarded because they know it's all terribly ironic. At Mount Rose, Minnesota, preparations for a heat of the Miss Teen America beauty pageant proceed under the supervision of former winner Alley, confident that daughter Richards will follow in her footsteps. Nearly everyone reckons the result's a foregone conclusion, but that doesn't deter trailer park siren Dunst and sundry misguided contestants eager to unleash their party pieces. Competition is intense. Indeed untimely fatality is visited on one contender after another, and an explosive act of trailer sabotage leaves Dunst's sozzled mom Barkin with a beer can fused to her hand. The first appearance of the mutant mitt is effective, but further sightings less amusing. Decidedly patchy, the film gains from the supporting talent of Janney as Barkin's mutton-dressed-as-lamb pal, another perceptive turn from a comedienne who deserves a movie of her own.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Patrick Jann
Lona Williams
Kirstie Alley
Ellen Barkin
Kirsten Dunst
Denise Richards
Allison Janney
Will Sasso
Mindy Sterling
Sam McMurray
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