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Dungeons & Dragons

  • Film

Time Out says

Now concentrate, there are a lot of funny names to take in. The Empire of Izmer, ruled by young Empress Savina (Birch), carrier of the magical Royal Sceptre and commander of a fleet of gold dragons, is in grave danger. Savina's Archmage, Profion (Irons), would like to take over this land of incredibly tall buildings, but he's going to need the Rod of Savrille, another magical sceptre-like thingy that enables its holder to command a fleet of red dragons. What Profion hasn't banked on is a couple of petty thieves, Ridley Freeborn (Whalin) and Snails (Wayans), getting in the way. Warning bells sound during the opening scene, which features, believe it or not, a dragon ... in a dungeon. Irons adopts a maniacal grin that suggests his character has taken an overdose of angel dust and spews forth some of the most risible dialogue you've ever heard. The other performances, too, are from another world.
Written by DA

Release Details

  • Duration:108 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Courtney Solomon
  • Screenwriter:Carroll Cartwright, Topper Lilien
  • Cast:
    • Tom Baker
    • Zoe McLellan
    • Marlon Wayans
    • Jeremy Irons
    • Kristen Wilson
    • Justin Whalin
    • Richard O'Brien
    • Thora Birch
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