Dunston Checks In

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

An unruly orang-utan plus an opulent hotel setting equals a natural disaster, or in this case a kids' movie. Robert (Alexander) manages the Majestic Hotel, New York, owned by avaricious Mrs Dubrow (Dunaway). She's convinced that the so-called Lord Rutledge (Everett) is really a hotel critic, and insists that everything runs extra smoothly. But Robert's sons discover that the lord's a jewel thief with an anthropoid accomplice. When the gangly one, Dunston, finally escapes Rutledge's clutches, the kids spend the rest of the film trying to conceal him. The children we took adored the cheerful scenario and sad-cum-happy signposted climax. Adults, on the other hand, will probably be stupefied by Everett's unrecognisable twit, complete with lip-distorting gum guard, and Dunaway's raging Ivana Trump turn. Alexander, though, is a likeable comic player in the Charles Grodin manner, and younger sibling Lloyd makes for a more loveable character than Macaulay Culkin. The film's admirably bereft of realistic violence, but then the makers blow it by slipping in a scene featuring Dunston innocently puffing on a cigarette.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Ken Kwapis
John Hopkins, Bruce Graham
Jason Alexander
Faye Dunaway
Eric Lloyd
Rupert Everett
Graham Sack
Glenn Shadix
Nathan Davis
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