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This very wild eastern Western bears an uncanny resemblance to that supposedly extinguished early-'90s entity, the Euro-pudding. Biblical in scope, Babel-like in execution, it's a sprawling revenge saga starring Wenham and Fiennes as Luke and Elijah, sharp-shooting brothers from the old American West who fall out over a woman and high-tail it in turn to the post-Ottoman turmoil of Macedonia. Luke finds his calling as a brutal bounty hunter; Elijah shows but rarely, solemnly hunting Luke. Already distended by a dearth of sensible explication and an excess of editing interventions, this muffled tale is further fractured by its failing narrator, a present-day Ancient Mariner called Angela (Murphy) whose New York apartment Edge (Lester) makes the mistake of trying to burgle. The ambition might be a magical layering and merging of stories, lives and eras, but the effect is a bewildering crush.

By: NB


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Milcho Manchevski
Milcho Manchevski
Joseph Fiennes
David Wenham
Adrian Lester
Anne Brochet
Nikolina Kujaca
Rosemary Murphy
Vlado Jovanovski
Salaetin Bilal
Vera Farmiga
Matthew Ross
Meg Gibson
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