Easy Living

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Unmistakably scripted by Preston Sturges (stout tycoon falls down stairs; 'I see you're down early today, sir' remarks the imperturbable butler), this irresistible screwball comedy with a dash of Wall Street satire has the penniless Arthur and the pompous Arnold meet cute when his wife's fur coat (thrown out of the window in a marital spat) falls on her head. Subsequently assumed to be the tycoon's mistress and encouraged to live on credit in an extravagance beyond anyone's wildest dreams, she is brought down from her cloud by falling for the poor boy met in an automat diner (Milland), who ironically turns out in best fairytale tradition to be the tycoon's son. Directed by Leisen with his airy elegance, his infallible eye for decor (the outrageous splendours of the hotel suite in which Arthur is installed have to be seen to be believed), and injections of slapstick which must have given Sturges ideas when he came to direct his own movies (in particular the custard-pie food riot in the automat), it is a delight.

By: TM


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Mitchell Leisen
Preston Sturges
Jean Arthur
Edward Arnold
Ray Milland
Franklin Pangborn
William Demarest
Luis Alberni
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