Eat Drink Man Woman


Time Out says

Comedy drama about a widower and his three unmarried daughters. Mr Chu, a retired Taipei chef, would like his girls to leave home, but is too repressed and stubborn to communicate frankly with them, relying instead on the ritual Sunday dinners he serves up to preserve a sense of family. They, however, feel guilty about their own needs: Jia-Jen, a Christian teacher, nursing a broken heart and covert desire for the sports coach; Jia-Chien, a career woman into casual sex with her ex; and the youngest, Jia-Ning who works in a burger-joint and gets on uncomfortably well with a friend's boyfriend. Which daughter, if any, will stay with Dad? Or will he succumb to predatory widow Mrs Liang - if his health holds out? Tasty ingredients (Sihung Lung's Mr Chu and Chien-Lien Wu's Jia-Chien are especially good), but the food metaphor never carries weight, and the characterisations are too shallow to lend the film emotional punch.

By: GA


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Ang Lee
Hui-LingWang, Ang Lee, James Schamus
Sihung Lung
Kuei-Mei Tang
Yu-Wen Wang
Chien-Lien Wu
Winston Chao
Sylvia Chang
Ah-Leh Gua
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