Eat the Peach


Time Out says

When their Japanese employers decide to up sticks and take their jobs with them, are brothers-in-law Arthur (Morrissey) and Vinnie (Brennan) the type to sit and mope? Nope! It takes only a viewing of Elvis risking life and limb motorcycling around the Wall of Death in Roustabout for them to decide to employ their idle hours erecting their very own Wall (on Arthur's wife's vegetable plot). Money's the problem (not to mention Arthur's wife, who ups sticks and legs it too), so there's nothing to it but a stint of bootlegging across the nearby border to raise the readies, finish the job, and wait for the crowds we know will never come. Within the modest dimensions of his small budget, Ormrod succeeds remarkably well, with a deft touch, a light heart, and not a trace of patronising, to give a true human measure to the dreams and ambitions, failures and disappointments of this collection of likeable loonies. Eat the peach and hear the mermaids sing.

By: WH


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Ormrod
Peter Ormrod, John Kelleher
Stephen Brennan
Eamon Morrissey
Catherine Byrne
Niall Toibin
Joe Lynch
Tony Doyle
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