Eat the Rich

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In this second feature from the Comic Strip team (following The Supergrass), genderless black waiter Pellay takes to the road to lead a People's Revolution, while arch-adversary Powell, a fascistic East End tough turned Home Secretary, bids for top office through headlines in the Sun. True to Comic Strip form, the film lampoons the lunacy of every social group it touches (political extremists, civil servants, the press, the royals, the rich, the poor); make what you will of the politics, as a series of sketches it delivers the laughs. Powell turns in one of the funniest performances of the year, and Pellay's transformation of a swank London restaurant into an eatery on the lines of a pie shop is not to be missed.

By: SGo


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson, Pete Richens
Ronald Allen
Sandra Dorne
Jimmy Fagg
Lanah Pellay
Nosher Powell
Fiona Richmond
Ron Tarr
Robbie Coltrane
Paul McCartney
Ruby Wax
Jennifer Saunders
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