Echo Park


Time Out says

An aspirant actress turned stripagrammer, her songwriting pizza-delivery-boy lodger, and the Austrian body-builder neighbour (not a hundred umlauts from one Arnold S) bid fair to become the Jules et Jim of the seedy clapboard milieu of suburban LA. Romanian-born, Vienna-trained Dornhelm has the quirky mitteleuropäisch eye (cf Milos Forman) for the freaks and oddities of American life. Tom Hulce, a long way from Amadeus, reveals a splendidly individual comic presence; and the hopes, shocks, sulks and loyalties of this free-wheeling trio are a small but real delight. MHoy.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Dornhelm
Michael Ventura
Susan Dey
Tom Hulce
Michael Bowen
Christopher Walker
Shirley Jo Finney
Heinrich Schweiger
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