Edie & Pen


Time Out says

Edie (Tilly) and Pen (Channing) meet in Reno. They're both getting divorced, but Edie's marriage lasted only a fortnight, and she's planning to remarry the very next day, while Pen's still in love with her husband of ten years. Together, they embark on an ill-advised nocturnal adventure with Harry, a womanising cowboy (Glenn). This post-romantic comedy has a lot of charm. The direction leaves something to be desired, but Victoria Tennant's script is witty and well structured without seeming mechanical, and cameos from the likes of McKean, D'Angelo, Mull and Travis keep things ticking over nicely. Channing and Glenn work up an easy rapport, and it's another notch in Tilly's promising career.

By: TCh


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Matthew Irmas
Victoria Tennant
Stockard Channing
Jennifer Tilly
Scott Glenn
Stuart Wilson
Chris Sarandon
Randy Travis
Michael McKean
Beverly D'Angelo
Louise Fletcher
Martin Mull
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