El Bulto


Time Out says

A radical photo-journalist is knocked down by a Government riot control squad ('The Hawks') in 1971, is put into a coma, and finally awakes 20 years later. The household he re-enters - which includes the son and daughter he never knew he had, his wife has remarried - has moved into the modern world, with its Nintendos, Walkmans, and shifted political and social perspectives. 'El Bulto' ('The Lump', as they have referred to him) has to learn to walk again and to live in the present. Director Retes finely calibrates his re-entry from his 'space capsule', and in so doing makes many acute points about the history of social and political change for the Mexico City middle-class intelligentsia.

By: WH


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Gabriel Retes
Gabriel Retes, Maria del Pozo
Gabriel Retes
Hector Bonilla
Lourdes Elizarraras
José Luis Alonso
Delia Casanova
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