El Cid

Film, Drama

Time Out says

One of the very finest epics produced by Samuel Bronston, equally impressive in terms of script (by Philip Yordan, who mercifully steers clear of florid archaisms) and spectacle. Heston is aptly heroic as the 11th-century patriot destined to die in the fight for a Moor-less Spain, Mann's direction is stately and thrilling, and Miklos Rosza's superb score perfectly complements the crisp and simple widescreen images. Sobriety and restraint, in fact, are perhaps the keynotes of the film's success, with the result that a potentially risible finale (in which Cid's corpse is borne into the realm of legend, strapped to his horse as it leads his men to battle) becomes genuinely stirring.

By: GA


Release details

184 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Mann
Philip Yordan, Fredric M Frank, Ben Barzman
Charlton Heston
Sophia Loren
Raf Vallone
Geraldine Page
John Fraser
Hurd Hatfield
Herbert Lom
Michael Hordern
Douglas Wilmer
Frank Thring
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