El Descanso


Time Out says

Freddy and Oswaldo break down on the holiday road in the Argentinian backlands, winding up in a small town where Freddy decides to reopen the long closed, and derelict hotel of the title. Its ownership and legal status is uncertain, but with the help of some 'colourful' locals, all proceeds until the local jefe/lawyer takes exception. Ludicrous narrative incongruities apart, this is amusing enough, but depite a twist of sorts in the latter stages, it never delivers on its initial premise and withstands no real analysis.

By: GE


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Rodrigo Moreno, Ulises Rosell, Andres Tambornino
Rodrigo Moreno, Ulises Rosell, Andres Tambornino
Juan Ignacio Machado
Fernando Miasnik
Raul Urtizberea
Jose Palomino Cortez
Javier Lombardo
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