El Mariachi


Time Out says

In terms of plot, there's little remarkable about Rodriguez's debut feature: the tale of a loner mistaken for a killer and hounded by all manner of vengeful furies has blessed countless movies. But it's not the story, or the low budget, which makes this polished foray into mythic conflict so deliciously fresh; it's the sheer joy taken in the medium of film. As the hobo musician of the title (Gallardo) drifts into a small, dusty Mexican township - only to find himself the target of armed gangs in search of a hitman - Rodriguez goes for broke with a breakneck pace, swarms of bullets, cinematic tricks, and a tone as playful as it is knowing of genre conventions. The director's light touch is all his own; and this unpretentious offering delivers in all departments.

By: GA


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez, Carlos Gallardo
Carlos Gallardo
Consuelo Gomez
Peter Marquardt
Jaime de Hoyos
Reinol Martinez
Ramiro Gomez
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