Eliana, Eliana


Time Out says

Today begins Eliana's fifth year in Jakarta since she ran out on her mother and the prospect of an arranged marriage back in Western Sumatra. It's also the day the rent collector comes calling, her flatmate Heni goes AWOL and her mother arrives out of the blue with two plane tickets home. Following Eliana's hunt for Heni with mum in tow, the film takes shape as an all-night crosstown cab ride interrupted by various restaurant and phone booth stop-offs. Not only is it a bit monotonous, it's never clear what's motivating or animating these characters. The views from the taxi window are best.

By: NB


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Riri Riza
Riri Riza, Prima Rusdi
Rachel Maryam
Jajang C Noer
Henidar Amroe
Arswendi Nasution
Marcella Zalianty
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