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Elsa and Fred

3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

Free-spirited Elsa (Zorrilla) shows straight-arrow Fred (Alexandre) how much fun life and love can
be, proving in the process that rom-com clichés know no age. Recently widowed Fred, 78, lets his shrewish daughter and freeloading son-in-law boss him around. New neighbor Elsa—ever coy about her age—always did exactly as she pleased, but never found the right man with whom to fulfill her fantasy of re-creating La Dolce Vita’s Trevi Fountain scene. Could Fred be her Marcello Mastroianni? Yes, it’s formulaic and shamelessly manipulative. But Zorrilla and Alexandre have chemistry to burn; only a hard heart could resist their bittersweet romance.

Cast and crew

  • Director:Marcos Carnevale
  • Screenwriter:Marcos Carnevale, Marcela Guerty, Lily Ann Martin
  • Cast:
    • Manuel Alexandre
    • China Zorrilla
    • Blanca Portillo
    • José Ángel Egido
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