Emotional Backgammon


Time Out says

When sexy John (Johnson) is dumped by girlfriend Mary (Lavender), he doesn't know how to react. Best friend Steve (Herbert), tells him to forget about her. She'll soon come crawling back - he knows women and their little tricks. But John doesn't care about his dignity. He wants Mary back, and to marry her. Steve tells him to throw the dice, for love is a game - of backgammon, that is. Mary, who needed space to find herself, has moved in with her best friend, the noisome Jane (De Peza) who advises her to 'play' against her lover. 'Remember, pussy's boss,' she reassures Mary. The girls go on a drinking binge, as do the boys. Both sides philosophise: 'All men are dogs'/'All women bitches.' Are Steve and Jane to blame for what ensues? Or is Shakespeare behind it all? After all, Steve is rehearsing The Taming of the Shrew. Who knows? This is the first feature from Herbert after a career in modelling and acting. Johnson manages to cut an intriguing figure, but the film leaves the viewer perplexed. Is Herbert just playing with his audience? If so, it's a dangerous game.



Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Leon Herbert
Leon Herbert, Matthew Hope
Wil Johnson
Daniela Lavender
Leon Herbert
Jacqueline De Peza
Bob Mercer
Steve Weston
Steve Edwin
Catherine Coyne
Dee Cannon
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