Enid Is Sleeping


Time Out says

Enid (Mueller) catches her cop husband (Reinhold) in bed with her sister (Perkins), and in the ensuing fracas is killed. What to do with the body? Everything goes wildly wrong... The troublesome corpse as a comic theme is usually a bit of a flounder. Even Hitchcock couldn't do much with it in The Trouble with Harry, and Phillips does even less, though he's noisier about it. In fact, the cast shout a lot to make things funnier, or stand about mugging to give the gag a chance to go down. Pity, since Reinhold and Perkins are accomplished comic players when they get the material.

By: BC


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Maurice Phillips
AJ Tipping, James Whaley, Maurice Phillips
Elizabeth Perkins
Judge Reinhold
Jeffrey Jones
Maureen Mueller
Rhea Perlman
Brion James
Charles Tyner
Henry Jones
Michael J Pollard
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