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Connery plays Robert 'Mac' MacDougal, the world's wisest master thief, which is more or less the character he played in Rising Sun and Just Cause, the sexy éminence grise who's still surprisingly light on his feet. His performance isnot the only secondhand item on display. There are shades of To Catch a Thief in the climacticrobbery-with-fireworks and the age difference between the stars, Connery and Zeta-Jones as the insurance investigator on his trail. It's no surprise that they're not quite what they seem, but the plot throws up so many double-crosses you hardly believe a word of it. Instead, it tries to dazzle us with James Bondish set-pieces, while hopingthat pure star power will fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, Amiel's bob-a-job direction fails to excite, Connery's coasting, and Zeta-Jones is pretty plasticky.

By: TJ


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Jon Amiel
Ron Bass, William Broyles
Sean Connery
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ving Rhames
Will Patton
Maury Chakin
Kevin McNally
Terry O'Neill
Madhav Sharma
David Yip
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