Entre Nous


Time Out says

This first feature from producer and documentarist Lalou is an intriguing, if finally frustrating study of a family isolated on a small island and attempting to come to terms with their variously bewildering emotions after the father drowns while swimming back to the mainland. It's a film of few words and often enigmatic gestures, as the children - ranging from about eight to 30 - struggle against their mother's determination to stay true to the family's intentions of removing themselves from the rest of the harsh world. Too insistently 'poetic' to hold the attention, but enhanced with some eye-catching digital camerawork.

By: GA


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Serge Lalou
Serge Lalou, Chantal Pelletier
Bruno Putzulu
Emmanuelle Grangé
Emilie Lafarge
Philippe Fabbri
Célia Mabille
Elizabeth Vitali
Thierry Bosc
Fauwzi Saichi
Thomas Roux
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