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Time Out says

'Do you know how I spend most of my time in prison? Holding imaginary conversations with the Respectable'. Dean's early talkie (from a play by John Galsworthy) is interesting not only for its innovatory location shooting, but for its charmingly archaic concern for the upper class outcast. Killing a policeman in defence of a lady of the streets, our officer and gentleman hero finds himself breaking rocks on Dartmoor and 'treated like a dog'. With a 'By gosh I'll do it!' he's away, and before being caught by a gaggle of policemen, warders, bellringers and peasants, encounters genuine class solidarity among the local gentry. 'I can't bear to see a man like that chased by a lot of yokels', exclaims one of his genteel admirers. Quite so.

By: RMy


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Basil Dean
Basil Dean, John Galsworthy
Gerald du Maurier
Edna Best
Gordon Harker
Madeleine Carroll
Austin Trevor
Lewis Casson
Ian Hunter
Nigel Bruce
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