Escape to Athena

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Planning a summer holiday? Escape to Athena suffers from that tourist brochure look, with bouzouki music throbbing as we skim across the Aegean back to the sun-soaked days of 1944 and a PoW Camp Méditerranée on an idyllic isle, frequented by film stars like Moore, Niven and Gould. Take a drop of ouzo with colourful local characters like Savalas (as the island's big, sensitive Resistance leader) and Cardinale (the island's patriotic madame). The plot is like something knocked together by Alistair MacLean in his sleep, but was actually devised by the director. Awful.

By: JS


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

George P Cosmatos
Edward Anhalt, Richard S Lochte
Roger Moore
Telly Savalas
David Niven
Claudia Cardinale
Stefanie Powers
Richard Roundtree
Sonny Bono
Elliott Gould
Anthony Valentine
William Holden
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