Everybody Dance

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Misleading title. This is a comedy with only three songs and hardly any dancing - or dahncing, and very British, despite American personnel on both sides of the camera. Conflicting agendas are in evidence, with the studio (Gainsborough) pushing to compete with Hollywood, the director trying to promote his namesake son into a film star, and Courtneidge, whose persona combined an upperclass manner with lowbrow knockabout, determined that no one else is going to get a look in. She plays a notorious nightclubber masquerading as a straitlaced member of the county set, as part of her scheme to adopt two American teenagers (Reisner and the splendidly named Billie de la Volta). A museum piece, still affording some residual entertainment value.

By: BBa


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Reisner
Leslie Arliss, Ralph Spence
Cicely Courtneidge
Ernest Truex
Charles Reisner
Billie de la Volta
Kathleen Harrison
Peter Gawthorne
Roland Culver
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