Everybody Is a Killer


Time Out says

A small northern French town breathes a collective sigh of relief when the wife-beating local thug is found murdered, but whodunit? Is it the sadsack mechanic trying to attract the attention of his sexually bored wife, who has a thing for killers? Or the mechanic’s assistant, similarly pressed to impress an aspiring songstress? Could it be the narrator shrink, who’s trading analysis for Ferrari tune-ups with the mechanic? Deruddère’s black comedy boasts a colourful ensemble (including Dardennes-regular Gourmet as an obligingly jaded cop) but little in the way of character development, and stumbles on the mystery’s resolution.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Dominique Deruddère
François Berléand
Nadia Fares
Samuel Le Bihan
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