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Time Out says

An unlikely Eastern excursion for Bellman. Here she plays a teacher of English as a foreign language, in a strangely compelling chamber piece about a man adrift in his own unsatisfactory life, acted upon (and occasionally active) as he wanders between family and lover, father and frustrated attempts at freedom. The mood is understated and melancholic, the structure one of elliptical character headings and associative incident. Not entirely successful, but it throws its own distinctive light on a particular male crisis of identity.

By: GE


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Sulík
Martin Sulík, Ondrej Sulaj
Gina Bellman
Juraj Nvota
Zdena Studenková
Jirí Menzel
Jakub Ursiny
Anton Sulík
Viera Topinková
Rudolf Sloboda
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