Exit to Eden


Time Out says

Garry (Pretty Woman) Marshall's sexploiter makes Zalman King's 'women's fantasy' movies seem sophisticated and daring. His film begs the question - how humiliatingly it begs! - 'What do women really want?' On this issue, dominatrix Delany, unbending mistress of the SM sex ranch island 'Eden', takes a while to accept the missionary position: lots of foreplay and a straight 'kindness and cute butt' pay-off in the form of Paul (Strictly Ballroom) Mercurio's photographer, here mostly naked and canine-collared. Given the film is such a foolish exercise (you have to accept O'Donnell in bondage attire and Aykroyd's dumb-klutz maintenance man as a pair of LA cops investigating a jewel heist in deep cover), you'd expect excess or a camp romp à la Russ Meyer at least. But no such luck. There's certainly plenty of tits'n'ass, male and female, scantily adorned in Fellini-Satyricon-style gold lamé Roman chic, but it's not an erotic show. There are a few in-jokes and droll moments, but otherwise you wouldn't know it was a Garry Marshall movie. Neither bad enough for cult status, nor good enough for vicarious thrills.


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Garry Marshall
Deborah Amelon, Bob Brunner
Dana Delany
Paul Mercurio
Rosie O'Donnell
Dan Aykroyd
Hector Elizondo
Stuart Wilson