Expedition Bismarck

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Time Out says

Bismarck buff Cameron (plus a shipload of divers, technicians and octogenarian survivors) visits the wreck 61 years after her sinking, threading his way around the hulk in a nifty undersea Mini. Using computer animation and conventional re-enactment, he imagines the battleship's last couple of hours, as she's pounded by the British fleet. Then, an effect he denied himself in Titanic, he gleefully demonstrates what happened to the ship as it tumbled three miles to the bottom of the Atlantic. And that's it for Cameron, who seems unattracted by the curious or the unforeseen. The rather adolescent nature of the enterprise is reinforced by the commentary, which likens Hitler to a rock idol and the Bismarck to 'the Death Star of her day'. (Made for the Discovery Channel.) BBa.

By: BBa


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

James Cameron, Gary Johnstone
James Cameron
James Cameron
Lance Henrikson
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