Experience Preferred But Not Essential


Time Out says

Small, basically honest, very English film, made for 'Film on Four' by David Puttnam's Goldcrest, about a girl from Cleveland filling in the summer before college with a job as a maid at a Welsh seaside hotel. The chef, an ex-seaman from Paisley, lays siege to the girl's virginity. This is the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament '60s. Nothing particularly surprising here (Ivan the wine waiter sleepwalks naked; backstairs life is uncarpeted, cheerful and over-emotional), but the sentiment is notably unforced. Found particular favour in America.


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Duffell
June Roberts
Elizabeth Edmonds
Sue Wallace
Geraldine Griffiths
Karen Meagher
Maggie Wilkinson
Ron Bain
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