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Disaffected rebels who dream of opening their own bar, Bardem, Guzmán and Berrocal are firm friends who even rob their own families to get the cash together. But when Bardem impersonates Guzmán in order to trick the latter's wealthy, long-estranged theatre-director father (Luppi), the trio's plans start to fall apart: seduced by Luppi's affections and fortune, not to mention the fame he offers in trying to turn the boy into a star, Bardem begins to enjoy bourgeois society. Though a little too chic and overwrought (all that symbolism and metaphor!), this succeeds thanks to a nicely ambiguous take on Bardem and Luppi's motives and an assured control of mood and pace.

By: GA


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Mariano Barroso
Joaquín Oristrell, Mariano Barroso
Javier Bardem
Federico Luppi
Silvia Munt
Daniel Guzmán
Leire Berrocal
Alfonso Lusson
Guillermo Rodriguez
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