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Time Out says

Scripted by Ronald Harwood from the novel by Mark Hebden, this runs a lame variation on The Window. Lester is the eleven-year-old who witnesses a murder (in fact of the wrong man), isn't believed because he's always spinning yarns, and can't go to the cops because the killers are two policemen (Vaughn and Bowles). The Maltese locations are unusual and attractive, but the plot blows up into an absurd mayhem of chases and corpses. With credibility low, watchability gets even lower thanks to Hough's hideously mannered efforts at style (zooms, distortions, weird angles, images reflected in spectacle lenses, etc).

By: TM


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Hough
Ronald Harwood
Mark Lester
Lionel Jeffries
Susan George
Tony Bonner
Jeremy Kemp
Peter Vaughn
Peter Bowles
Betty Marsden
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