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Time Out says

A documentary inevitably dated by the very success of the cause of which it was part. The title's an acronym for the Free Theatre of America revue's slogan 'Free the Army/Fuck the Army', and the film records performances by the group at US military bases on the Pacific Rim - Hawaii, Okinawa, the Philippines - in an openly subversive attempt to motivate sentiment within the rank-and-file of the US forces against the war in Vietnam. It's pretty conventional stuff, comprising footage of the revue in performance (campus-style anti-war sketches, protest songs) and interviews with soldiers. Even more so than when it was made, it will be of interest mostly to fans intrigued by the prospect of Fonda and Sutherland hoofing their way through song'n'dance routines.

By: RM


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Francine Parker
Jane Fonda
Donald Sutherland
Len Chandler
Holly Near
Pamela Donegan
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