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Time Out says

The Justice Department invites effects maestro Rollie Tyler (Brown) to stage the murder of a Mob informer. He declines the job, but then changes his mind rather than see it go to his industry rival. Lured into pulling the trigger himself, Tyler dives into the getaway car and wonders why they covered the back seat in plastic. Man with gun in front seat turns round. So begins Tyler's own personal witness relocation programme, a soft-boiled crime caper stuffed with latex masks, stick-on beards and smoke bombs. Dennehy is charming and entertaining as the maverick cop who turns out to be Tyler's best bet. The action sequences are efficiently handled, but look elsewhere for psychological or emotional insight. Dead girlfriends and murdered bystanders are collateral damage in the war against serious film-making.


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Mandel
Robert T Megginson, Gregory Freeman
Bryan Brown
Brian Dennehy
Diane Venora
Cliff De Young
Mason Adams
Jerry Orbach
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