Faces of Women


Time Out says

A wonderfully unpredictable and lively triptych on the financial, sexual and emotional emancipation of African women, pieced together over twelve years by a film-maker who hasn't a single dull thought in his head. Traditional choruses and dances link the episodes and comment on the action, lending the film a structure that owes no debts to colonial models. The middle episode, about a woman who tires of her possessive husband and goes out to get herself a lover, is a real eye-opener: an extremely naked scene of seduction in and around a river lays a hundred puritan ghosts.

By: TR


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Désiré Ecaré
Désiré Ecaré
Eugénie Cissé Roland
Albertine Guéssan
Véronique Mahile
Alexis Leatche
Désiré Bamba
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