Fall Time


Time Out says

High-school grads London, Arquette and Blechman plan a play-acted 'murder' in front of the bank which major sleazo Rourke and psychotic accomplice Baldwin just happen to be holding up. The dear young chaps find themselves sucked into a miasma of paranoia, violence, muddled scripting and drearily mannered turns from the two hoods. The plot delivers up a ludicrous roadside sex scene involving harassed female hostage Lee, before crumbling to a grandiose and deeply bathetic conclusion. A singularly unpromising first feature.

By: TJ


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Warner
Steve Alden, Paul Skemp
David Arquette
Jason London
Stephen Baldwin
J Michael Hunter
Sheryl Lee
Jonah Blechman
Mickey Rourke
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