Fame Is the Spur


Time Out says

We meet Hamer Radshaw in the 1870s, a socialist firebrand, his anger over injustice and inequality fuelled by his grandfather's tales of the Peterloo Massacre. We take our leave of him in the 1930s, a doddering member of the peerage, his principles having been picked off one by one over the years. This adaptation of Howard Spring's novel is no Tory satire, but a Labour-committed inveighing against the dangers of demagoguery and of succumbing to the lure of the Establishment. Its interest is mostly socio-political rather than dramatic or cinematic, though individual scenes are quite powerful, notably the force feeding of a suffragette, shot appropriately like something out of a horror film.


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Boulting
Nigel Balchin
Michael Redgrave
Rosamund John
Hugh Burden
Bernard Miles
Carla Lehmann
Seymour Hicks
Milton Rosmer
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