Farewell Again


Time Out says

Carrying the same call to preparedness as Fire Over England (both were produced by Erich Pommer and scripted by Clemence Dane), this is a prototype In Which We Serve about a troopship bringing men home on leave after five years army service in India. Trouble stirs when orders require an immediate return to duty, but - after six hours in port during which all the carefully planted domestic problems and heartbreaks get a cursory airing - everybody nobly buckles to. Quite warmly praised at the time, but the class attitudes accepted as perfectly normal - the officers, suffering stoically, soothe other-rank grumbles with a patronising pat on the head; the gentry cavort over cocktails and dancing in the saloon while the lower orders huddle like squalid sardines below decks - are positively cringe-making. No wonder Churchill and the Tories were elected out after World War II.

By: TM


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Tim Whelan
Clemence Dane, Patrick Kirwan
Leslie Banks
Flora Robson
Patricia Hilliard
Sebastian Shaw
René Ray
Anthony Bushell
Robert Newton
Edward Lexy
Wally Patch
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