Farewell My Darling


Time Out says

A very old man dies in his home village and the members of his family - now scattered far and wide - converge for the three-day funeral. The eldest son happens to be a Seoul-based film director (guess who plays him), who neglects his duties as chief mourner and stands to one side to watch - as film directors do - the tensions build and elements of grotesquerie multiply. Before long skeletons are tumbling out of family closets. Park marshals a huge cast and episodic narrative with assurance and delivers a very filmic tragi-comedy.

By: TR


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Park Chul-Soo
Park Chul-Soo
Choi Sung
Kwon Sung-Duk
Moon Jung-Sook
Jung Ha-Hyun
Bang Eun-Jin
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