Fast, Fast


Time Out says

Meandering through the suburbs of Madrid and its empty hinterlands, an episodic plot follows the sex, drugs and crime life-style of four felonious but likeable punks (played by real-life delinquents, two of whom were later apprehended for robbing banks). A teen-gang movie, and in many ways an unassuming genre piece, but mercifully free of moralising. Distinguished by an inventive soundtrack and stirring flamenco music score, and a mobile, intimate camera that follows its characters like a shadow, closely capturing not only action but reaction, ephemeral moments of camaraderie, friction and a perfidious 'freedom': fast living, leisurely observed.

By: SJo


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Carlos Saura
Carlos Saura
Berta Socuéllamos Zarco
José Antonio Valdelomar
José Maria Hervas Roldan
Jesus Arias Aranzeque
Maria del Mar Serrano
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