Fast Food


Time Out says

This moody city drama (it's clearly London but has a generic feel) sees returning telephone engineer Benny (Henshall, superb) reluctantly re-acquaint himself with his gang of old pals, who are now firmly set on criminal endeavours as the only way out of dead end lives. Dragged into a nightmare of conflicting loyalties, he's torn between protecting deaf, airhead phone-sex prostitute Letitia (Woof, in a misconceived role) from her pimp and saving his old friends from themselves. Writer/director Sugg provides some sharp, witty dialogue, and manages to thrust the movie forward through the ups and downs of philosophic introspection, and uncertain, self-parodic small-time gangster scenes. Too post-modern for its own good, but often droll, and enthusiastically directed.


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98 mins

Cast and crew

Stewart Sugg
Stewart Sugg
Douglas Henshall
Emily Woof
Miles Anderson
Stephen Lord
Gerard Butler
Sean Hughes
David Yip