Fast Talking

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Comedy about a delinquent dope-dealing 15-year-old with a quick-thinking scam for every possible occasion. Of course he's got problems, with an alcoholic father and teachers out to get him, but he always has the last laugh, until one day... The acting is superb, and Cameron makes his characters even more believable through some swift, sure touches: a teacher obsessed with gardening, a classmate with a bad line in Frank Spencer impersonations. A sharp, entertaining portrait of teenage life based around the admirable idea that there's far more to happiness and dignity than simply doing what you're told.

By: CS


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Ken Cameron
Ken Cameron
Rod Zuanic
Toni Allaylis
Chris Truswell
Gail Sweeny
Steve Bisley
Tracy Mann
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