Fatal Beauty

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A designed-by-committee vehicle for Whoopi Goldberg, allowing her to keep her comedy act and extend her range into territory staked out by Eddie Murphy, with risible - therefore enjoyable - results. Unorthodox undercover cops Rita Rizzoli - a Dirty Harriet with an MA in wisecracks - is a mean fatherfucker dedicated to keeping 'snow' off the streets of LA. Down in Chinatown, nude coolies are adulterating cocaine with lethal proportions of Ventonol; she figures one Conrad Kroll (Yulin) for the villain of the piece, but it takes days and nights of padding the streets in disguise - hobbling heels, leopard-skin, and Tina Turner rup - before the breaks come. Meanwhile, a trio of giggling psychopaths muscle in (Brad Douril's staring-eyed Leo Nova is a gem), and all is set for a 15-minute showdown in a shopping mall. Sam Elliott's love interest takes too long warming up, but a confused plot and plenty of poor taste leave Whoopi relatively unscathed.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Holland
Hilary Henkin, Dean Riesner
Whoopi Goldberg
Sam Elliott
Rubén Blades
Harris Yulin
John P Ryan
Jennifer Warren
Brad Dourif
Mike Jolly
Charles Hallahan
David Harris
Cheech Marin