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Time Out says

Pitched as a fairytale for adults, ‘Fated’ tells the story of one man losing the love of his life, and the strange, mystical journey he embarks on during one New Year’s Eve to get her back. Michael Angelis stars as Tatty, a middle-aged-artist obsessed with the young and beautiful free spirit Amy (an irritating Katrine de Candole). Her sudden, untimely death sends Tatty spiralling into a world of madness and alcoholism until, 13 years later, the statue he creates in her image miraculously comes to life. Unfortunately, writer director Nicola Scott’s first feature is a mess of notions and ideas that fail to engage on any level. The characters are neither magical nor believable, the acting is sub-par and the story meanders and rambles like the crazed old bloke at its centre. The action takes place in and around Liverpool’s bombed out, derelict St Luke’s church, an undeniably enchanting setting, but none of that charm or whimsy rubs off on the action, resulting in a dull, lifeless film that is anything but fantastic.

By: Chris Tilly



Release details

Release date:
Friday November 24 2006
98 mins

Cast and crew

Brendan Mackey
Katrine De Candole
Michael Angelis
Lee Boardman
Craig Charles
Kate Robbins
Nicola Scott
Antony Wright
Andy Brophy
Keddy Sutton
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