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After Fatma, aged 17, is assaulted by her cousin, off-camera in the opening scenes, writer/director Ghorbal explores the implications of rape in modern Tunisian society. Pressured into angry silence, Fatma (Jendoubi) goes on to study at Tunis University (not without a struggle) and then teaches in a village primary school, where she meets a young doctor. Their marriage is to prove her entrance into the educated middle-classes. Ghorbal places emphasis on modernity and liberality to highlight the universal pertinence of this deep, often hidden social problem, ably dramatising the selfishness and self-serving which sexism allows. Though the script is schematic, the performances and direction are lucid, balanced and effective.


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Khaled Ghorbal
Khaled Ghorbal
Awatef Jendoubi
Nabila Guider
Bagdadi Aoum
Amel Afta
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