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Teenage orphan Fausto Barbarico (Higelin) gets a gig as an apprentice tailor with old-school tradesman Mietek (Yanne). Under his mentor's guidance and support, Fausto lets his imagination run free on a series of fantastical couture designs that bring him fame and fortune, cement his relationship with flatulent pal Raymond (Hauteserre), and win the heart of winsome lass Tonie (Darel). And that's pretty much it. Just when you're ready for some conflict to rear its head and give the narrative some ballast, up come the credits and you're out in the street again pondering the undeniable but slight charm of a movie that dares to be so cheerily wistful. Fausto's creations are fun at the time, and Yanne does a really warm turn as the hunchback bespoke tailor learning to change his ways. But there's just so little to it; only the most desperate fantasist could be borne away on the gossamer wings of this fixed smile fairy-tale.

By: TJ


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Rémy Duchemin
Richard Morgiève, Rémy Duchemin
Jean Yanne
Ken Higelin
Florence Darel
François Hauteserre
Maurice Bénichou
Bruce Myers
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