Fear Strikes Out


Time Out says

In his autobiography, baseball star Jim Piersall described his childhood (Depression-era poverty, Catholicism, aggressive father, mentally unstable mother), his career with the Boston Red Sox and his years of battling with schizophrenia. The film is in effect a psychoanalysis of the book, concluding (big surprise) that Jim's breakdown was all Dad's fault. The '50s-style confrontations between autocratic Malden and sensitive Perkins draw quite entertainingly on the precepts of Freud and the conventions of melodrama. It's a little poky and tentative, but a promising start by the Pakula-Mulligan team.

By: BBa


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Mulligan
Ted Berkman, Raphael Blau
Anthony Perkins
Karl Malden
Norma Moore
Adam Williams
Brian G Hutton
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