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A shamefully underrated film, Fedora is Wilder's testament and one of the most sublime achievements of the '70s. Only superficially does it resemble Sunset Blvd., since time has moved on; appropriately, Fedora is about a star's disastrous attempt to make time stop, and a washed-up producer's efforts to cope with Hollywood's inexorable new generation. Atmospherically set on Corfu, it explores the basis of cinema: realism, illusion, romance and tragedy - in a word, emotion. It's not a flashy film, let alone a cynical one, and it has a narrative assurance beyond the grasp of most directors nowadays: finely acted, mysterious, witty, moving and magnificent.

By: ATu


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder, IAL Diamond
Marthe Keller
William Holden
Hildegard Knef
Jose Ferrer
Mario Adorf
Frances Sternhagen
Michael York
Henry Fonda
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