Fiend Without a Face

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Close by a US Army base in a remote corner of Canada, a trail of corpses leads Thompson to uncover a hideous experiment gone wrong. A familiar plot right down to the atomic mutation premise, but the special effects - killer brains that propel themselves through the air with a whip of the spinal cord and latch onto the backs of their victims' necks - are among the most memorable in the eco-horror genre. Crabtree (a former cinematographer who graduated to Gainsborough melodramas and also made the bizarre Horrors of the Black Museum) is one of the unsung auteurs of the pre-Outer Limits era. This may be his finest hour and a bit.

By: MA


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Arthur Crabtree
Herbert J Leder
Marshall Thompson
Kim Parker
Terence Kilburn
Kynaston Reeves
Stanley Maxted
Michael Balfour
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