Fierce Creatures

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Not a sequel, but a belated reunion for Cleese and his co-stars from A Fish Called Wanda, and as strained as such occasions tend to be. The set-up's silly. Rollo Lee (Cleese) runs a small British zoo, a surprisingly prominent blip on Aussie tycoon Rod McCain's plans for global conglomeration. Obsessed with profit margins, Rollo decides only dangerous animals pay - the rest will have to go. The staff are appalled, but things get even worse when McCain (Kline) drafts in corporate hotshot Willa (Curtis) and his no-good son Vince (Kline again), who embark on a crass sponsorship scheme. There's some funny business with the zoo-keepers pretending that meerkats are the most vicious beasts on four legs, and Cleese briefly reminds us of Python's cutting edge when he dispatches a handful of the cutest creatures with a shotgun, but the movie soon settles for dismally obvious running gags about bestiality, Curtis's body, and Cleese's sexual charisma. Just about musters enough laughs to cover up the cracks.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Fred Schepisi, Robert Young
John Cleese, Iain Johnstone
Maria Aitken
Michael Palin
Kevin Kline
Ronnie Corbett
John Cleese
Robert Lindsay
Jamie Lee Curtis
Carey Lowell
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