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Fill ‘er Up With Super (1976)

  • Film
Le Plein de super

Time Out says

The 100 best French films

This film ranked #71 in Time Out's list of the 100 greatest French films. Click here to see the full list. 

Director: Alain Cavalier

Made in 1976, Alain Cavalier’s ‘Fill ‘er Up With Super’ is a well-kept secret among French cinephiles. A road movie set in the south of France, it chronicles – through a series of comic and touching vignettes – the burgeoning friendship among four men forced to share a station wagon. Even in its more surreal or cinematic moments, ‘Fill ‘er Up With Super’ feels incredibly fresh, authentic and uncensored; made like a shoestring documentary (with the director, camera and sound guys squeezed into the car’s backseat), it’s a heady, poignant artefact of ’70s filmmaking.

Written by Emmanuel Chirache/CC
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